Red, gold and green…

December 22, 2013


This month we were finally good and swamped with holiday decorating and events, which I have been wierdy exempt from for the past 10 years in the business.  It was something I have been wishing for forever; red gold and green- what could be better?? After wrestling with a massive, rogue tartan bow in 1 degree weather on a 40ft extension ladder with wet gloves in waaaay too tight jeans, I now get why my fellow florists have always assured me that my exclusion was a blessing. But that’s the genius of this work, at the same time that it’s as girly as it gets, it’s also super macha. Next year I won’t be caught without a ski mask! Speaking of tough, how sharp are these fanged white parrot tulips wreathed in Ponderosa pine?

ponderosa stomp
good red
glittering diningroom

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